Attics must be considered a high-risk area in your home.

  • Out of sight does not mean it’s a non-risk area.
  • Typically a vast network of electrical cables cris-cross every attic in Ireland.
  • Typically attics become remote storage areas, books-magazines, clothes, paints; toys, etc. begin to fill the space.
  • Every electrical joint has the potential to loosen, causing a hot smouldering area, and then FIRE.
  • Electrical cables should be in good repair, not worn, frayed, or perished from age.
  • Standard Down-Lighter bulbs are extremely hot and create a very hot attic space.
  • Change to Low – energy Down-Lighter bulbs which do not create heat, they are cheaper to run also.
  • Try to keep your attic free of fire hazards.
  • Inspect and clean chimney’s yearly.
  • Inspect the bricks and mortar of the chimney, and whether rafters are at risk of smouldering from heat.
  • Stove pipes have proved a particular hazard especially when installed in a DIY manner.
  • Chimney or stove pipe, evaluate its safety.
  • Do place long life smoke alarms in the attic.
  • These may be linked to similar smoke alarms in the hallway under-neat.
  • Irish made ten year battery alarms are generally inter-connectable.
  • Smoke alarms should be less than 10 years old, alarms maintained clean, free of dust, cobwebs etc.
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