Lightning damage to Monitored Alarms

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Lightning has always been a bug-bear of monitored alarms, and recent storms have created havoc.

There are a number of scenario’s;

  1. Total wipeout:
  • You may be forced to inquire whether there is any household insurance to cover replacement.
  • Seek a replacement Grant.

But only if the company that supplied and installed renege’s on its 10 year commitment. Some units are manufactured in a way that the battery and circuit boards are a totally sealed unit. These are unserviceable and are extremely poor value for money, avoid purchase of such units.

Be conscious that the grant aid may end, and the replacement of lost units will be a cost to the community and family’s. The second scenario is that a transistor or two is damaged;

If it is a good quality unit made in a serviceable way, it will only cost a few cents and the short time involved in replacing the transistors.

Company’s that monitor their units will not usually charge for this refurbishment.

If it’s a unit manufactured in a way that the battery and circuit boards are a totally sealed unit for the sake of a transistor worth a few cents your unit is Kaput.

The company’s that supply serviceable units rarely ever have need to scrap a monitored alarm, perhaps one or two a year at most.

By; Diarmuid Cronin. Community Alert Southern Region, Development Office.  021- 7339011                                                email;

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